01 January 2012

First post!!!one!!111!!1

(in case one of my friends should bump into this...)

I hate blogs, I really do, and here's why:

I don't give a fuck what kind of spaghetti you like best.
I'm not interested in seeing your baby pictures.
I don't care about what you think about politics and I can do without reading about your kid.

I like _useful_ information, the kind of information that can help you solve a problem.
Well, the problem is that I often search for information on something on Google but the information I'm after is nowhere to be found. 
A shitload loosely related stuff (but always very vague, of course) on blogs and mailing lists, yeh, but not the specific info I'm after.
And that, random reader, is why I start this blog.
To cache information which wouldn't be on Google otherwise, Blogger stuff gets cached so the information I want to share will be easily accessible.
Topics can and will include anything that I think is interesting and I feel should be cached...

Oh and don't send me emails expecting me to do your job for you.
I've had it happen before... what I've learned is employers generally don't like to hear stories about members of their staff being in charge of stuff they don't know shit about; who would've guessed?
I'm not doing this because of some altruistic urge you know, just saying.


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